Animal Ag Watch Hannah Thompson-Weeman
Hannah Thompson-Weeman is vice president of communications for the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

Bio for Hannah Thompson-Weeman

As Vice President of Communications, Hannah Thompson-Weeman develops and implements the communications strategy for the Animal Agriculture Alliance, a national non-profit organization that connects individuals, associations and companies who are interested in helping consumers better understand the role animal agriculture plays in providing a safe, abundant food supply to a hungry world.

She monitors and responds to misinformation about food production and reaches out to the media with accurate, science-based resources about modern animal agriculture. In her role, Thompson utilizes traditional, digital and social media to help connect consumers with factual information about modern food production.

Thompson-Weeman holds a B.S. in agricultural communication and an M.S. in agricultural and extension education from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. While pursuing her education, Thompson completed an undergraduate thesis based on agricultural policy and a graduate thesis focused on crisis communications and planning within the dairy industry.

Prior to joining the Alliance, she worked in marketing for Farm Credit Mid-America. Thompson grew up in involved with dairy cattle in Frederick County, Maryland and remains engaged in the industry.